This week, I took an inexpensive white serving tray and decorated it to match my decor! It was way cheaper to do this quick rainy day project than to buy something similar from the store.

DIY serving tray 2.0

Supplies you’ll need for this project:

  • a plain tray, any shape or color
  • painter’s tape
  • spray paint (gold)
  • nail polish (glitter)
  • glaze or clear nail polish

DIY serving tray 2.0

This is such an easy project. The first step is to tape off an area for your first color. In this case, just one strip of tape across the corner. Be sure to tape all the way around the edges and down the underside. Cover the rest of the plate by taping down a piece of newspaper. Spray paint two or three light coats of gold! Once that is super dry, you can remove the tape. Tape your next section, and paint with glitter nail polish!

DIY serving tray 2.0

I’m happy to report that I’ve been using this as a makeup tray as-is for over a year now, and it’s held up pretty well. However, I would still recommend coating the tray in a clear glaze. Covering the painted areas in clear nail polish might also achieve the desired effect, if you’re on a strict budget. The glaze will accomplish two things. One, to improve the durability of the spray paint. Two, if you’ve used glitter nail polish, it will create a smoother finish. The texture of glitter is fairly rough, but a glaze will make it easier to clean and less susceptible to chips.

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