DIY painted house keys with nail polish by lharris graphics! You can use glitter too! #DIY #decor #crafts #nailpolish

The only supplies you’ll need for this project:

  • regular house or car keys
  • nail polish (maybe some glitter)
  • possibly some painter’s tape

DIY fancy decorative glitter key beforeDIY fancy decorative glitter key nail polish















I hate buying overpriced decorative house keys in styles that only come in either kittens or happy faces. So behold, an easy and cheap way to decorate your keys in any color you want! All you have to do is paint them with nail polish! The possibilities are endless… just make sure not to paint over the parts of the key that will interfere with the lock. I saved this DIY project for a rainy day, and it would be an easy craft for kids as well.

diy - painted nail polish keys

I used 2, sometimes 3 coats of nail polish on the “handle” of the key. I found that the keys would still fit in the lock with a single coat of regular polish on the grooves, but glitter definitely wont. I tried some color blocking, polka dots, and some stripes in my favorite colors this season: lavender, mint, and light pink. For super straight lines for a color-blocking (or dipped) design, you can use green painter’s tape.

Now all my keys match and I can sleep in peace! ;)

diy - painted nail polish key designs

I wonder whether you might be able to remove the nail polish later and paint a new look? I’ll give it a try and update soon!


xo lauren harris graphics

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