serving tray before

I began with a classic thrift store find: a silver tray.  I was fond of the original tray, but I thought it would look even better in metallic gold. Go big or go gold, right? There are probably a million ways you could have painted it – color blocking would have been my second choice. Anyway, all you’ll need is the tray, maybe some painter’s tape, and some spray paint for this upcycle project.

serving tray spray painting

I washed my tray and got right down to business. For those of us who are new to spray painting, here are a couple tips:

  1. Two or three really thin coats will turn out much better than one thick, drippy coat of paint.
  2. Don’t forget about all the angles and grooves of the item you’re painting. To make sure you’re getting paint in all the nooks and crannies, you might need to carefully inspect your tray between coats.
  3. Or, get your Significant Other to do it! haha

DIY gold serving tray after

And behold the finished product, an absolutely divine serving tray, vanity tray, or rolling tray! It looks chic and I’ve never seen anything like it in store! And the best part is, it only cost me $3!

serving tray DIY

My Man made the pipe himself out of the walnut tree in the backyard! This was his first attempt, and it works great! Soon enough I bet he’ll be selling custom and more decorative pieces. If you’re interested, just ask!

gold serving tray

You’ll also notice my version of a painted seashell

I only painted the back of the shell, to keep the pretty inside exposed. It works as a candle holder, a small jewelry dish… or as an ash tray if you prefer.

To make one:

Lightly sand any especially sharp or rough parts of your seashell with sand paper. I even sanded the smooth inner side to get some grit out of it. The shells are sturdier than you might expect, so don’t worry about the sand paper damaging it.

Then, I did my best to seal off the inside of the shell with painter’s tape. The natural grooves in the shell make this step particularly difficult, so just do your best. Paint the back of the shell metallic gold, making sure to get all the nooks. After the second coat of paint is dry, peel the tape off, and you’re done! If there are imperfections from paint seeping through your tape… Learn to love them, or try again! The imperfections on my own shell are my favorite.


xo lauren harris gaphics